Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I would like to start by thanking the Rosehall family for giving me the love in my life that words cannot describe, my Mr. Baer.
It was Love at 1st sight

And, now a place to share joyful stories with other lucky Rosehall GSD parents.
Baer’s first ride was the beginning of a beautiful riding partnership. He believes it’s truly his Mustang – I just make it move.
His excitement when I get home is the equivalent to winning the lottery – every time! My husband tells me it starts about half hour before I am due, waiting by the door and wanting out for every noise that might have been me. He says the world just stopped turning for Baer…”Mommy’s Home!” A dog’s love is so contagious, you just can’t be sad with one in your life. When something rough happens –I just go outside with him and everything seems to not hurt quite as much as it did the moments before. They just know how to be there for you.
He is also quite the lil’ comic; he loves to “steal” socks and hand towels, run up behind and bonk us with it, just to show you what he’s got, then run to the living room to start the games.
These dogs are so smart and so full of love. It’s been 4 ½ years since that first ride and I look forward to each day with my husband and my oversized Rosehall baby Baer.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Bleach :)

Here are some photos of Bleach and Blitz! Blitz is out of Rosehalls Ziva and Royalairs Falcon! Heard some cool kids out there really miss her so I will do my best to post pics on here! Ive taken about 50 in the past two days..lol! She is so pretty I cant help it! She is having a blast here! Her and Blitz play nonstop (thank god he knows shes an infant since he is giant!) She chases him around the table all day trying to get toys from him! She sleeps pretty much all night I think we potty break 3 times thru out the night! She loves waking up at 6am to play which isnt fun when your not a morning person! Yes she sleeps in my bed (she is very spoiled!) for the time being. SHe has her own little purple blankie :) Enjoy the pics :)

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Mornings with Erela

This sweet face is currently barking at the puppy in the mirror.
She thinks it is her Nemesis and it must be intimidated at all costs.
I am beginning to wonder if she is gonna look like Mama,Tacie and acts like her Daddy, Alamar?
 To be continued...